Common questions from our users, service partners, and our distributors for Boardish and how everything works.

FAQ for Users

What does Boardish Do? 

Boardish is a risk quantification tool specifically designed to communicate cyber ROI to decision-makers to streamline the IT & Cyber budgeting process. 

The TPF (Threat Protection Factor) is a unique metric in Boardish that allows you to measure efficiency of solutions rather than using a probability of threats methodology that doesn’t always provide accurate results for Zero-Day or unknown variables. 

Boardish is NOT a risk assessment tool – it works WITH risk assessment tools to bridge the gap between risk assessment reports and quantification/practical approval.

Is Boardish Free?

Boardish is free for a 14 day trial, after which you can cancel without paying anything. After 14 days if you don’t cancel, you’ll be charged for the plan you chose when you signed up. 

For more information on our plans and roadmap visit our Pricing page. 

What if I don’t know some of the answers to the questions in Boardish?

Boardish isn’t just designed for you to use for IT and cyber budgeting but helps IT professionals understand the type of answers they need for a full proposal and analysis. Not having all the answers is okay, it can help you start a conversation in your own organisation to get the answers you need and bring in all departments. 

Something went wrong in Boardish and I don’t know how to fix it.

If you discover a bug or you’re struggling to use Boardish first refresh the page you’re on as this often solves the problem. Then, if this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact us directly on [email protected] 

My threat or solution is not in the list, what do I do?

Within the Input Wizard in both the Threats and Solutions section there is a button where you can input your own custom threat or solution. This will then add it to the normal dropdown list. 

How do I delete threats or solutions?

It is our recommendation that you only ‘disable’ the threats and solutions that you don’t want showing on your dashboard. Otherwise you’ll have to go through each stage of the input wizard deleting the relevant information. It’s quicker and more effective to disable, and then you can enable again in the future if necessary. 

My relevant regulation name isn’t in the list?

Currently Boardish only supports GDPR but other regulations will be added in our next update version. This is because the legal minefield is hard to quantify specifically for each situation and often has a lot of other factors involved. We would rather our algorithm is accurate without the regulation impact than inaccurate with multiple regulation options. 

Is my business information secure?

We understand the importance of information security and do our best to keep your information secure. One of the ways we do this is to use OKTA as our authentication system so we don’t store your passwords.

We also use a dedicated token for each database access so that we can segregate and protect your information to the best of our ability.

On top of these we have mandatory MFA (multi-form authentication) for all accounts that are signed up.

What am I consenting to with Okta when I first login to Boardish?

When you log in to Boardish for the first time you’ll have to consent to our T&Cs. When you confirm, an Okta account will be created for you and Okta will log your email address and name. Okta cannot and will not be able to access your email account or see your emails. 

What Methodology does Boardish Use?

Boardish uses its own innovative methodology designed and adapted based on years of CISO experience quantifying cyber threats and solutions.

You can view our methodology by visiting: https://www.boardish.io/the-boardish-methodology-budget-approval-framework/ 

How do I know your methodology and algorithm is correct?

Signing up is completely free for the first 14 days so you’re welcome to sign up, add historical data to test and confirm the calculations before making a financial commitment.  

Where is the data centre for storing our information? 

At present, information is stored in a US data centre, but we’re planning to roll out to Europe in 2021 as well. 

FAQ for Service Partners

Do you work based on lead registration?

Not for our main tiers. We work on a coupon basis which means for service partners your client or customer would use a specific coupon at checkout which attributes the sale to you. However, for enterprise or API clients we work on a lead registration basis as each circumstance and integration is different.

Can I get commission if a contact renews their annual subscription?

Yes, you have two coupon options when your client or contact signs up. If you give them the renewal coupon when they check out you’ll receive the agreed commission each year for a maximum of 3 years.

Can I use Boardish myself?

Yes. You can use your coupon codes to purchase Boardish for your own use, becoming your own reseller.

Can a service partner become a distributor?

Yes, distributors benefit from higher discounts and other perks (like greater flexibility with pricing). To become a distributor you must purchase 10 licenses in bulk up-front as a minimum.

FAQ for Distributors

What happens to licenses if my clients want to renew annually?

As distributors purchase licenses in bulk when it comes time to renew you’ll have to get in touch with your client to confirm they want to continue their subscription. If the subscription is not cancelled before renewal it will deduct another license from your activation list.

What do I charge my customers and clients for Boardish?

As a distributor the price and discounts you offer are entirely your call. As your clients pay you directly, it’s up to you the incentives and discounts you offer.

Do you offer distributor exclusivity?

In some regions, we do offer exclusivity but there is a minimum annual license purchase amount as part of the contract. Get in touch to discuss this further.

Will my activations expire?

No, each license only starts when it is activated using your code and a client signs up. So you don’t have to sell all of your licenses within a set amount of time.

Can I become a distributor for Boardish Enterprise?

Yes, we offer incentives for Enterprise and API purchases on a lead basis, however this is more lengthy and depends on the clients. Get in touch with us to discuss this further.

Question not answered? Ask us.