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Information specifically for new Service Partners and Distributors to get a head start on understanding Boardish and how to portray it best.

What is Boardish?

Boardish is a risk quantification tool specifically designed to improve the IT & Cyber budgeting and sales processes to get approval a lot quicker. It communicates cyber ROI by showing the cost of threats (and more) to decision-makers to streamline the IT & Cyber budgeting and sales process. 

What Boardish is NOT

Boardish is NOT a risk assessment tool – it works WITH risk assessment tools to bridge the gap between risk assessment reports and quantification/practical approval.

Who Uses Boardish and Why?

To help you select which clients would suit Boardish best, please see our diagram below:

Boardish is used for several purposes currently including (but not limited to):

  1. Getting IT & Cyber budgets approved up to 80% quicker by showing ROI to decision-makers for solutions. As well as showing the financial impact of threats.
  2. Speeding up the IT & Cyber sales approval process for cyber vendors who are showing the ROI of their solution vs other solutions for specific threats.
  3. Existing risk assessment vendors and consultants to quantify risk into financial exposure and mitigation.
  4. Risk ownership conversations internally at executive level.

Core Sales Points of Boardish

Our Methodology

We’re don’t quantify based on the ‘probability’ of an attack – The TPF (Threat Protection Factor) is a unique metric in Boardish that allows you to measure the efficiency of solutions rather than using a probability of threats methodology that doesn’t always provide accurate results for Zero-Day or unknown variables.

Our Dashboard

Perfect blend of business and cyber – The dashboard has the metrics of most business interest to decision-makers and the board, but the input wizard is designed to be used by cyber professionals so they can translate their existing risk assessments and posture.

Our Simplicity

We make a very confusing and difficult subject much easier.

It’s very hard to get through the first step of selling cyber products, or approaching management for cyber budgets. We make the risk quantification (cost of cyber threats to the business) a step by step framework which is much simpler.

This gives both cyber vendors and CISOs/CTOs etc the tools to get IT & Cyber budgets approved quickly or get sales approval quickly.

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